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Beginnings of Generation Now Mood Board…

Leafing through magazines this morning, collecting images that inspire me for my up and coming competition. I have my model now I can start putting ideas to a face. Hopefully will be doing creative colour and cut next week, along with taking the photos. So that means that I have a busy week ahead, putting together ideas and coming up with a final look. All exciting stuff, so lets see how it goes!

These are some images that I have found in correct magazines. Not put together on a mood board yet, cause I’m still in the thinking process’s of it at the moment.








Hope you enjoyed looking and the beginnings of my mood board. Still a long way to but have some exciting ideas flowing already.


Sunday look back to the 60’s


Spending my Sunday, half nursing a hangover, half trying to be productive with something inspirational. Sitting on the bed, with ‘Absolutely Fabulous’ on the TV, large water and diet coke to one side of me and an old favourite book to the other. I love to look back over the era’s to get inspiration for my work in the salon and inspiration for whats in my wardrobe. Although I do love collecting clothes from high street chains, there is nothing better then leafing through vintage clothes rails. I must admit that I have my favourite and a lot of the clothes that I pick up from vintage clothes shops and charity shops are from the 60’s. Although I can not resist a bit of swede ATM.

The 60’s is also my all time favourite era for hair inspiration. With it being such an iconic era for fashion and hair, thanks to idols like Vidal Sasson and Mary Quant, there is so much to get excited about, when looking back over the 60’s.

‘London In The Sixties’ by Rainer Metzger, is a book that I have had for a long time, but somehow I dont tire of flicking through it.




Over the years it has not only been through vintage clothing, that I have shown my love for the 60’s. Throughout my hair dressing apprentaship I quite dramatically changed my hair. Gradually loosing more and more hair, as I became more and more enthusiastic about different hairstyles. I think it was because I couldnt experiment on clients yet, I dedicated 2 years to constantly changing my look, until eventually, the only thing to do was to grow it back. Here is a bit of a timeline of all the hairstyles I have had over the past 5 years….





Although I still like to change my look, it doesnt happen quite so often now. Mainly  because I dont feel the need so much, because I get to try out my ideas on willing clients.

If you have read this post all the way through, I hope you liked it. Mainly the ramblings of a slightly hungover, over enthusiastic, hairdressing geek. Follow me if you want to see the on going work that I do in the salon, along with competition hair and the odd bit of session styling.

The Shoot!

Here are a few little teaser shots from my trend vision shoot. I don’t want to give away too much before I know if I had got through to the next round. 

Everything went to plan so I was chuffed with that. I have an amazing team helping me with everything. Just can’t shake the feeling that I’ll be letting everyone down if I don’t get through. I don’t think that I have wanted anything more!

So fingers crossed for regional heats! I’ll keep you all posted on the shoot photos nearer the time! Exiting! 

Hair- Annie Sherry, Make up- Kia Hansen, Styling- Maika Crampton, Photography- Lambie Brothers