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Putting yourself out there…


Today I submitted my entry to a Wella competition, called GenerationNOW. This is something that I have wanted to do for a few years, because it is a competition that is looking for new talent within the hairdressing industry. If you are one of the lucky 6 that get a place at the end, there are amazing training opportunities with some of the most talented stylists in the business.

I have entered Trend Vision a few years running now, which I have written about on here previously. With Trend Vision, although it was always very exciting to enter and a little part of me always hoped that I would get through to the regional heats. My brain was always telling me that really, when I thought about it realistically, I wasnt ready to get through to the later stages of the competition. This is because the talent is so strong and because of this, the judges are looking for pure perfection. This, in a way, took the pressure off a little. Although I was always looking at achieve the best that I could do, a part of me knew that I wouldn’t get through, so it didn’t really matter. I just enjoyed the experience, learnt from it and me expectations of getting through weren’t too high.

With this competition on the other hand, there feels like there is a lot at stake, in terms of my self-confidence, if I don’t get though. I feel like im really ready for this stage in my career and im hungry for the challenge. I procrastinated so much, about every part of my entry. Going over everything, even shooting another model, (just to choose the first one). I so nearly just handed in the towel and said, “I’ll just enter next year”. All because I was so scared for be rejected by something that I really want.

I am a firm believer in ‘the more you put in, the more you get out’, and that is why I enter all these competitions. Plus you do learn so much along the way.

I am glad that I have submitted my entry now because I would have kicked myself if I didn’t. It just got me thinking, is it always worth putting yourself out there, when you know there is a good chance of rejection, and is there only so much one person can take?



Pintrest Inspo…

After meeting with my Generation NOW model, it got me feeling really inspired and prompted me to look back through some of the general research I have already done. After going up to London for the Trend Vision show, I have been a little bit obsessed with the new Spring/ Summer trend for 2016 Molten Eclaille. Feel like I’m constantly looking through magazines and looking out for traces of it in the media. This is why I am going to use this as my inspiration for my Generation NOW entry.

I thought I would share some of the Molten Eclaille inspiration I have taken from Pinterest (one of my favourite pass times).













So there it is, just a very quick post. Its more for me really to, gather my thoughts and calm my excitement. Thank you for indulging in my ramblings.


Beginnings of Generation Now Mood Board…

Leafing through magazines this morning, collecting images that inspire me for my up and coming competition. I have my model now I can start putting ideas to a face. Hopefully will be doing creative colour and cut next week, along with taking the photos. So that means that I have a busy week ahead, putting together ideas and coming up with a final look. All exciting stuff, so lets see how it goes!

These are some images that I have found in correct magazines. Not put together on a mood board yet, cause I’m still in the thinking process’s of it at the moment.








Hope you enjoyed looking and the beginnings of my mood board. Still a long way to but have some exciting ideas flowing already.

Trend Vision Entry 2015

Thought I would just share some of my TrendVision 2015 entry shots now that the results for regional head have been released. Unfortunately I wasn’t sucessful this year. I got the letter and sort of knew before I had opened it that I hadn’t got through. Just had quite a strong feeling. I am so proud of the images though, and that is why I wanted to share them. I think these images really show my progress from two years ago.



I have been looking on the internet for entries that did get through and the standard is just amazing! It really shows me that I just am not ready to be taken through in a competition that is this prestigious yet! I’m so pleased that I did challege myself to think out side the box and push my technical ability that bit further! I have a long way to go but looking at some of the successful images makes me so  excited for is to come. 

I intend on entering some different competitions this year but for Trendvision… See you next year 😉

Here are just a few of my favourite entry’s of 2015, Hob Salon…


The Shoot!

Here are a few little teaser shots from my trend vision shoot. I don’t want to give away too much before I know if I had got through to the next round. 

Everything went to plan so I was chuffed with that. I have an amazing team helping me with everything. Just can’t shake the feeling that I’ll be letting everyone down if I don’t get through. I don’t think that I have wanted anything more!

So fingers crossed for regional heats! I’ll keep you all posted on the shoot photos nearer the time! Exiting! 

Hair- Annie Sherry, Make up- Kia Hansen, Styling- Maika Crampton, Photography- Lambie Brothers