Styles of the week..

Here are two of my clients from this week. These are their before & after shots. I wanted to show these two in particular because they are two very different clients with very different styles.

It just goes to show that whether you are having a drastic change or maintaining a classic look. A good service can make all the difference. No client is more exciting or fun to work with if you look at every style as a new challenge and try your hardest to make it perfect for the client, every time.


This is one of my regular clients. She hadn’t had her hair done for about 6 months so it was great to get my hands on it after all that time. She was happy with the service that I had done last time so it was just a case of redoing what I had done previously. I obviously still went through the consultation as I would if she was a new client, just incase she did want a change or there was anything I could improve on from last time.

We decided to stick with a full head of Blonder highlights. Started with Blondor pastel at the back and moved up to blonder 6% at the front. This meant that the lifting process was really gental at the back and I didn’t have to remove foils at the back before the front. This clients hair lifts up to such a lovely creamy blonde on it own, I didn’t have to use a toner at all.

I then cut the hair using a club cutting technique, on a one length cut with no layers. This works on my clients hair because her hair is quite fine and she likes to see a lot of weight around the bottom, this makes the whole hair cut feel thicker.


This client is also one of my regulars, but obviously has a much edgier style. I love doing her hair because she one of my more daring clients and is open to lots of suggestions. Every time she comes in, we do something different and that is very exciting.

I started the colour by applying 4/0, 3g 0/66, pastel to all the roots. I then took a diamond section from the front and clipped that out the way. I then coloured the rest of the hair around the diamond section in the root colour. Taking small pieces of the diamond section, I applied magma /56, 12% freelights to the ends. I continued to do this until the whole diamond section had magma on the midlengths and ends. We wanted the diamond section to be a real statement because in the past we have used a similar technique with a more subtle overall look. This time she wanted a really statement, so that is what we did. I love the contrast between the colours, it really suits her style and cut.

Again, with the cut, we vary it every time she come in. I don’t think I have ever done the same cut twice on this client.

I started by undercutting a section that followed round to the left. I then undercut a little wedge on the right side, which I love, such quirky little touch. Cut all of the top using a razor to create a very soft finish. I didn’t want there to be any hash lines through the top section. I finished off the cut by creating a sharp line around the hairline that leads into the fringe. I really like the juxtaposition between sharp lines and rough texture, in this hair style.

So there they are. My two favourite styles from a very busy week in the salon. Both very different but equally enjoyable for me.


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