Feeling excited. In general.

Today Im feeling partially excited about life, in general, because I passed my driving theory test. I am hoping that this will give me a lot more freedom to do the simple things in life, along with the more challenging things. Hopefully I can pass my practical in the summer which will mean that I can sign up in September, to do my ‘assessors award’. Which would mean that I would be one step closer to one of my ambitions of being a trainer within hairdressing. I love learning all new techniques in hairdressing and passing on that information. I started passing the on information, that I had learnt at college and training course’s up in London, onto my clients in that salon. I realised that I could create much better work by passing on my knowledge of styling and aftercare, and all round, give my clients a better service.

This carried on when my boss asked me to do some styling training with our current apprentice. I really enjoyed the couple hours that we spent doing training and realised that by training someone else, it made me stop and think, about everything I do in the salon, whiteout even thinking about it. I realised that by training someone else, you can learn so much.

I believe that if you are passionate about something then you should never stop learning within that field. That is one of the things that I love about hairdressing and fashion, it is constantly changing, keeping us on our toes and keeping us learning.

In January, we had one of the Wella professionals, come into the salon and do some training with us. I found it so inspiring, not only because of the new techniques that we learnt, but also finding out that there was another avenue of my career could go down. I was so impressed by how much the trainer knew about Wella and colouring in general. There was no question that we could ask that she didn’t know the answer to.

We finished the training morning and went on with our normal working day. I couldn’t shake the thought that there might be something different in my future then what I had already imagined. Of course I have always had the dream of being a session stylist. Which I will always keep in mind and keep trying to get fashion work were I can, to build up my portfolio. At this stage in my career though, wanting to be a session stylist feels a lot like aspiring to be a pop star. Completely beyond my wildest dreams.

It would be wonderful to, one day have a job where, I could constantly train about new techniques and trends, pass on that knowledge and get paid for it. Im used to only being able to do that once, maybe twice a year, and paying for the privileged.

Maybe I will get there some day, but for now, I’m happy not to wish my life away and enjoy the moment. I work in a wonderful salon with a great team, that encourage me to dream big.


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