My Ongoing Obsession with Freehand Colouring

Its been about a year now that I have been, sporadically, using Wella Colour ID and Freelights. Recently, I have just fallen in love with it though, and am using free hand colouring techniques any chance I get.

In January we had a Wella Salon Professional come into the salon to do some training with us. This has left me so inspired and motivated to use alternative colouring techniques.

I have found that that you can get a much softer, fluid and natural look by painting the colour directly onto the hair. It allows us as stylist to be more creative and free with the way that we apply colour.

I believe that every client deserves to have colour that is unique to them, and you can literally, create something different on every client, every time.


These are some of the blondes that we have created in the salon over the last couple months. Using a combination of Wella; Koleston Perfect, Illumina, Freelights and Colour id.

Really must remember to take more pictures of the work I do in the salon. Looking forward to showing more exciting colours and styles soon.

Thank you for listening x


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