Mood Boarding for Spring/ Summer

I spent some time over the bank holiday weekend, leafing through lots of magazines and finding images. Creating a mood board of the up and coming trends for S/S 2016.

I love the change in the season’s anyway, because there is always a sense of hope and excitement looming. I know that I like a change in my life and get really excited about looking at new up and coming trends. This inspires me, gives my clients the chance to change up their styles and get as excited as me about their hair.

Fashion had always been a big inspiration in my life, not that I can always afford the amazing designs I see flicking though Vogue. This is why it is so nice to be able to use the trends that I see, come and go season by season, as my inspiration for my day to day work in the salon.

Here is my initial mood board for S/S trends 2016…

I began by pulling out pictures that I liked from current magazines, always keeping in mind what I had learnt, at the Wella Studios London, in February this year.

Some of the notes that I took from the event:-

  • Background- The faster daily life becomes, the more precious are moments of stillness and quality. Oneself experiences time- consuming the ultimate indulgence and taking the time to create, transform a away to affirm oneself as a craftsman.
  • The Trend- Beauty we create, creates us true craftsmanship and perfect concentration. Quality versus Quantity. That is the beauty of slow.
  • Aesthetics- From raw material valued precious objects, be inspired by jewellers, art, enamelling, forging, shaping, creative, oxidation.
  • Trend Evolution- Natural current sophistication
  • Colours- Molten metal palette, burnished bronze, rose gold, black pearly, rich copper, tortoise shell, polished platinum, verdigris.
  • Fashion & Design- Metallic coated pleating, naturally personalised shapes, light reflections captured in gold, deliberate but fluid patterns, living metallics.
  • Art & Architecture- Malleable organic material, inside and out, living metallics. The beauty of oxidised metal.
  • Craft & Iconography- individual messages, 3D effect. the shapes of nature, heightened.

Here are the two models that were shown as examples of the S/S trends 2016 created by Sanrizz…

Both amazing representations of the up and coming trends for this spring summer. Great talent from Sanrizz.

Really looking forward to using the inspiration that I have found on my clients in the salon. Hoping to get a few models to photograph my more commercial representations, so stay posted x



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