Looking back on a proud moment- Front Row 2015 

Since putting together my portfolio, looking back on the exciting session styling I have done. I realised that this was one of my proudest moments so far. Front Row was such an amazing show to work on and I felt privileged to work with the Talent that is Freya Von Bulow again.    

I remember watching the models go down the run way and feeling quite emotional because for the first time, since I have being doing this kind of work, there wasn’t a single thing I would have changed about the hair. 


The staging, lighting and corriography was simply stunning and Freya Von Bulow had created such beautiful, moveable designs. When the models moved down the catwalk, there really was something magical about the whole experience.


The jewlery was designed and hand made by  Mara Garatti, Earth Treasure Hastings. Her pieces really complemented the designs Freya Von Bulow had created. A perfect choice, as the fluid shapes of the jewlery moved with the models, as if they were one. 


I was honoured to work on this project and enjoyed every minute of it!… Even the slightly stressful moments…

  • Collection by Freya Von Bulow
  • Jewellery by Mara Garatti
  • Makeup by Danielle Lauren & Team
  • Hair by Annie Sherry @ Mitchell&Millyard Hair Design 

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