Trend Vision Entry 2015

Thought I would just share some of my TrendVision 2015 entry shots now that the results for regional head have been released. Unfortunately I wasn’t sucessful this year. I got the letter and sort of knew before I had opened it that I hadn’t got through. Just had quite a strong feeling. I am so proud of the images though, and that is why I wanted to share them. I think these images really show my progress from two years ago.



I have been looking on the internet for entries that did get through and the standard is just amazing! It really shows me that I just am not ready to be taken through in a competition that is this prestigious yet! I’m so pleased that I did challege myself to think out side the box and push my technical ability that bit further! I have a long way to go but looking at some of the successful images makes me so  excited for is to come. 

I intend on entering some different competitions this year but for Trendvision… See you next year 😉

Here are just a few of my favourite entry’s of 2015, Hob Salon…



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