The first stages of Trend Vision


Putting colour to hair.
After doing all my planing, scrolling through the internet and going through endless magazines, making mood boards and trying to get all my ideas together. It was strange to be then stood I front of my model ready to get on and do it. I felt like looking at a blank piece of paper. I thought the best thing to do was just take a deep breath and start…

I am so pleased with my model, she has amazing bone structure and completely virgin hair. Which meant that I could do pretty much do anything, (I found this a bit intimidating). I started with the cut and, very slowly worked my way onto the colour. Half working to a plan and half improvising. I found everything I was doing very exciting because it was all very much to my taste. When I was up in London and the amazing team were talking through the spring/ summer trend for 2015, I felt a real pang of excitement! I thought, “this is right up my street”. This makes it equally easy and hard to come up with ideas. I really didn’t want to put too many of my ideas into the style and over do it, so I guess that is what I found the hardest, raining myself in.

Over all I’m pleased with the look, but I will tweeking a few things before the shoot on Sunday. If it was up to me then I would never stop adjusting little pieces. I’m quite critical of everything I do, especially something so creative and challenging.

I would like to say that I will be able to sleep properly once the photos have been taken on Sunday, but I think I’ll have to wait till the letter arrives saying yes or no. In the mean time, I’ll just enjoy that constant hum of excitement…



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