The Paper Couture Show- Brighton Fashion Week


Obviously when I got the opportunity to style the hair at Brighton Fashion Week I was very excited! All I kept thinking was that this is exactly the kind of work that I want to do along side my work in the salon.

I spoke to some of the girls in the salon and they both said that it was a great way for me to build up experience in doing this kind of, commercial catwalk hair. They also said that it would be good way of teaching me how to deal with the pressure of high stress environments while doing hairdressing. It is so nice to have the support of my bosses at the salon. They are always pushing me to do extra things outside the salon and always have great advise to point me in the right direction. I have a clear idea of which way I want to take my career, it is amazing to have the support to drive those ideas.

I knew that it was important for me to meet with the designer the makeup artist, plan and practice as much as I could before the show, so that I could be prepared and professional.



I contacted the Designer (Freya Von Bulow) first, by telephone, to say that I would really like to accept her offer to be involved in her show. We arranged to meet within the next couple of days in her studio for a meeting. When I arrived Freya had prepared a folder of all the ideas for the hair styles. She had also put up a large mood board on the way of all of her ideas for the show in general. We talked through each section of the show and all of the looks. I explained the limitations that we could face with the looks and offered some alternative options that we could use. I also offered up some of my own ideas that I had on the spot and she seemed to be pleased with my input. In my folder of information I had a list of all the models with pictures attached. This was really helpful, I took down notes of what Freya’s ideas were and drew some sketches to remind me what we had spoken about. I also wrote down a list of what equipment I would need on the day. After we had spoken about each look, she went on to show me some of the dresses that would be in the show, along with some of the head dresses. I was amazed by the work she had done, there were so many beautiful pieces. This just made me more excited to work with someone so talented and be part of the whole experience.

Seeing the dresses in person was really helpful because I could build a visual image and create my hairstyles around her work.

In-between this meeting and show I practised the chosen styles as much as I could on a block head, this help to make me feel prepared and help me to shorten the time it took to each style because I knew that I would have more then 30mins per model, as there were 11 models and I was the only stylist. This was quite scary for me because I had hardly any experience doing catwalk hair but I was so great flu and excited, I was happy to take it all on and throw myself into it.

On the day we left at 7.30am and arrived in Brighton at the Masonic Centre at around 8.30am. When I go into back stage, the makeup artist (Kia Hansen) and I found a spot to sent up. We made sure that we were close enough so we could collaborate with each other as we went along.
After a quick team talk with designer and models, I started doing the models hair. As I started doing the hair I noticed lost of other hair dressers and makeup artists setting up around us. They all had professional lights and mirrors, their masses of kit laid out on long tables and I must admit, I felt a little out of my depth. I had brought along everything that I knew I needed, so I felt prepared but couldn’t help feeling that they looked more ‘the part’.
I did managed to get all the hair styles in before the dress rehearsal at 2pm, which was a massive relief because I knew that the styles would need tidying up before the first showing at 6pm.
After the dress rehearsal we noticed that some of the headdresses were slipping off because the models had to do a lot of moving on the car walk. Also the designer asked me to change a few minor things with the hair. So before the first showing, I set to work doing that. Before the second show at 8pm some more pieces needed adjusting as models wanted to get changed in between. Some of the dresses were very big and uncomfortable to I had to carefully help the models out of the dresses, and then back in before 8pm. I was all hands on deck at this point and defiantly wasn’t left with nothing to do. I love the atmosphere, everyone rushing around in a controlled panic. This was when I thought, ‘yeah, this is a bit of me’.




The makeup artist Kia, and I were lucky enough to seek off before the second showing and see he models going down the catwalk. All the models done an an amazing job and the whole package looked incredible. Although I was only a small part of the team that made the show, I couldn’t help but feel very proud. This is exactly what I want to be doing and my first big show just affirmed that for me.







Fashion Designer- Freya Von Bulow
Makeup- Kia Hansen
Hair- Annie Sherry
Photography- Malcolm Tam


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